Top 12 Trekking Essentials

So, you want to head out for a trek? here is the guide on the trekking essentials you need to know before heading on to the trek.  Just to let you know, trekking is not as easy as it looks in the movies and even if you did attend a pre-tip trek training course a while back, it is always a good idea to attend a refresher course as well.

You may as well start with the basics, any trek requires rigorous work on your part, and that translates to arduous physical activity. Let’s say that you are in the habit of working out regularly.

Now, try doing the same workouts while carrying a backpack that weighs around 10 to 15 pounds and soon, you will get to experience the physical demands that you would have to overcome when trekking.

Here are a few tips, that you may want to check out, prior to heading out on a trek.

  • Start preparing

So, you are planning to head out on a long and arduous trek in a month or so; so start your preparations in advance. Start taking long walks in the morning and always carry some water with you so that you do not get extremely dehydrated as a result of these walks.

You may want to pace yourself, start with small increases in the distance and extend the same slowly and as your body adjusts to the physical demands of longer walks, you would be in a better shape to handle long treks.

Apart from these long walks, you can also start doing leg based cardio exercises such as cycling or swimming. It should be apparent to all that you would be using your legs and your leg muscles mostly during the hike and if you do not train your muscles, they are going to be extremely sore at the end of the trek.

Additionally, take the stairs every chance you get, as they can give your leg muscles a good workout.,

  • Train with a backpack

As mentioned earlier, it is always a good idea to do these exercises with a backpack on. On the trek, chances are that you would be carrying a smaller backpack at times and a heavier one at other times.

So, exercising with these backpacks should streamline your body into condition for the trek ahead.

It does not matter which part of the world you are travelling to for the trek but it is always a good idea to be well stocked and carry extra food too (you never know when you need it).

Never start a trek without carrying 2 litres of the full water bottle with you; many people have succumbed to dehydration while on a trek; so make sure that you are well prepared and carrying enough food and water to last the trek.

  • Invest in good footwear

You may not realize it but the bottom of your feet is equally as important as the rest of your body. In fact, you can even control the pain levels in your whole body by massaging your soles. And equally, it pays to take care of your feet; so, make sure that you are wearing comfortable footgear, and that your feet are well cushioned from any sudden impacts.

Try using a good pair of trekking socks with your shoes and you should soon be set. It is important that you protect your feet from any blisters, wounds, leeches, and the list goes on.

If you are not that keen on wildlife, then you may want to give up trekking altogether. The fact remains that any trek is mostly off the beaten path and most trek trails run right through the woods.

It is but natural for you to meet some wildlife in the middle of your trek and you just need to keep your distance from them and you should be fine.

  • Pack your belongings securely

Since you are planning to head out on a long trek, it makes sense to pack all your belongings securely. Try to roll up your sleeping bag and tie it on top of your backpack, which should save you adequate space in the bag for other essentials.

Make sure that all your cream and other toiletries are securely packed and protected from any sudden leakages. A good idea would be to use a separate small bag for items such as paste, cream, etc and your main bag for your clothes, supplies etc.

  • Stow away your food securely

You need to know that food items attract wildlife so make sure that any and all food items that you pack are stowed away securely each night. Additionally, pack them in tight containers so that there is not much to attract wildlife.

It should be pointed out that most of the wild bear attacks were precipitated by the smell of food and rubbish. So, remember to clean after yourself, do not litter, and once you break camp, dig a ditch to bury all refuse safely, which should stop the wildlife from being attracted to the same.

  • First aid kit and medicines

You are going to be some distance away from the nearest hospital or emergency room. Given this, you may want to prep ahead and pack the necessary first aid kit, with all the requisite antibiotics, pain relief spray, fever and cold meds, cotton, essential medication, thermometer, band-aid and more.

The point is that should you incur an injury in the middle of your trek, then you need to be prepared to handle the same until you can get treated for your wounds once you reach the hospital.

  • All weather gears

Before you head out on the trek, you may want to invest in adequate gear and ensure that you are prepared for the trek in any weather.

Depending on where you plan to trek, you need to prepare yourself for any and all eventualities as far as the weather is concerned. That means, making sure that you pack the right gear and that you are dressed appropriately.

If the gradient of the trek is expected to be steep, then you may want to invest in a pair of walking poles. Just make sure that they are sturdy enough and can support your body weight.

You can use these poles as they can take the pressure off your knees especially when you are clambering over a steep grade on the path.

  • Terrain

If you are planning on doing some trekking when travelling overseas, then it may be a good idea to scope out the terrain well ahead of the trip. You may also be required to get some inoculations depending on where you plan to trek.

If the terrain is rough and steep, then you may need to prepare more for the trek as well as get those walking poles as they will come in handy.

  • Allergies

It is always a good idea to know what you are allergic to; just head over to your doctors’ and requests him to run a full panel allergy test as this test should indicate the various substances that you are severely allergic to.

As mentioned earlier, you would, in all likelihood be hiking in the middle of the forest, so knowing what you are allergic to can help save your life and even protect your life in the long run.

  • Quick drying hand towels

It is a good idea to pack in some quick drying hand towels and as the name suggests, they dry really fast and quick. You can wash your face, towel it dry and the towel should be ready to be reused in a matter of minutes.

  • Water sterilization

While some of the planned treks are better organized with the company providing you with sterilized water, you cannot expect the same with every single trek. Just make sure that you note down the expected locations where you can source your drinking water. And, once you collect the same, use the water sterilization pills to help cure the water for your use.

  • Sunscreen and mosquito lotion

If you are sensitive to too much sunlight, then it makes sense to pack in sunscreen of good SPF. And as for mosquitoes, it depends more on where you travel to, so make sure that you are well protected at all times and remember, that mosquitoes can carry various infections which can impair your health permanently.

Wrapping Up

These are some of the tips that you need to review before you head out on that trek. Just make sure that you are well prepared both physically and mentally for the trip ahead.

Make sure that you attend a few classes regarding trekking essentials in the wild and measures that you need to adopt, in order to enjoy your trip. With the tips posted here, you should be able to enjoy your walk in the wild side.

If you heading out for trekking and thinking about places to choose, contact us at Thripzel.com.

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